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Readers' Comments

The Ultimate Love Story is a profound re-imagining of a familiar subject that will provoke a new way of thinking.   -Ruth Siegel, PH. D.


 I have read many humanizing texts about Jesus, but none of them really hit the mark. After reading The Ultimate Love Story, for the first time I felt that Jesus was a real historical personage.  Jay Clark’s novel takes the reader on a journey into an intimate and highly personal world of love, consciousness and devotion. A world where the lives of these important historical figures are clothed with new meaning and purpose set on a rainbow background of multicultural existence.   -D. Mikles, MD


“Not being a student of literature, I wasn't sure my interest would be sustained reading such a lengthy book… But to my utter surprise, the text was so fluid that I couldn't put it away. I am in awe of the effortlessness with which the author wrote the whole text... as if somebody is nudging Jay to write this!”   -JT, Artist


“I found this book to be a refreshing "spiritual adventure" story.  The questions raised were a metaphysical journey in itself.  The personal experiences of the hero and several other characters were sometimes enlightening, often touching and always about the development of awareness.  It's a combination of magical journey, surprising romance and tour of the esoteric all in one.  For me the delight of the book was finding Jesus in Krishna and Krishna in Jesus.”   -John Dore, Ph.D.


“It was with a feel of going on a joyful journey that I went on reading the manuscript of “The Ultimate Love Story.” Facile style, lucid expression that could treat even a mythical/spiritual/historical theme imbued with reflective pieces associated with Nirvana, Bodhisattva, karma et al and characterization of Isa, Mary, Mani, Sriram and others.  As if you've negotiated the 'mystical cosmos' of diverse faith-based thoughts, and made them explicable and accessible.”  -Pravin Sheth, Ph. D.


 "Jay Clark's wide literary background and familiarity with a variety of topics relating to world religions and philosophical thought has been amply illustrated in The Ultimate Love Story.  In this book, Jay has brought about an unusual mingling of major belief systems to drive home basic truths and universal values. The chatty, conversational mode of narration makes for easy reading of the book, while at the same time bringing home the deeper values the author wants to convey.  The passage of a few decades in the lives of the characters is skillfully recounted, with details and descriptions of only major and significant happenings and events, thus making for a crisp and uncluttered style.  A thought-provoking theme narrated in an easy gripping style."  -Bette Venkateswaran


This is a beautifully written story incorporating ways and visions of different cultures and rich in philosophical thought provoking dialogues and situations.  The free flowing writing takes the reader along the way and makes one live in the character.  Ultimate Love- being the language of all times, it's personal and universal realm - makes it so real and one wants to keep reading more and more... -Asmita Modi



The contents of  “The Ultimate Love Story” so absorbed my mind that the “show” continued in my nightly dreams. I journeyed with Isa and Mira through India, lived the lifestyle, heard the haunting music and wore the colorful garments of that time.  The author describes and analyzes the journey of Isa and Mary with such profound knowledge and sensitivity, as only a scholar of that culture would be capable of presenting it.  The author writes eloquently about the way of life in India, Tibet, Greece and France and their important influences on the life of Isa.  All details were finely chiseled. It fascinated me to learn about the caste system and its meaning, Shiva’s symbolic hand movements, or the holiness of the cow. My keenest interest was in capturing the conversations with Isa, Thomas and Mary, as well as with Mani, Demetrius, Sophia and Sarah. They all express the author’s brilliant mind. This book introduces refreshingly different ideas of what might have happened at the time of the crucifixion/resurrection and thereafter. In my opinion, The Ultimate Love Story has the potential of awakening us from a deep sleep of illusion and ignorance.

Many Readers and Searchers will find clarification, inspiration and refreshingly different views to many profound doubts they may have entertained until now.

-Felicita von Ostau, Artist of Interiors


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