"The contents of The Ultimate Love Story so absorbed my mind that the “show” continued in my nightly dreams. I journeyed with Isa and Mira through India, lived the lifestyle, heard the haunting music and wore the colorful garments of that time..."
 Felicita von Ostau,
Artist of Interiors

"The Ultimate Love Story is a profound re-imagining of a familiar subject that will provoke a new way of thinking"
Ruth Siegel, Ph. D.

"I have read many humanizing texts about Jesus, but none of them really hit the mark.  After reading The Ultimate Love Story, for the first time I felt that Jesus was a real historical personage...
D. Mikles, MD ...more

"I found this book to be a refreshing "spiritual adventure" story.  The questions raised were a metaphysical journey in itself...it's a combination of magical journey, surprising romance and tour of the esoteric all in one...
John Dore, Ph. D. Emotional Health Systems ...more

...I am in awe of the effortlessness with which Jay wrote the whole text... as if somebody is nudging the author to write this!"
Jyoti Thakore, Artist

"It was with a feel of going on a joyful journey that I went on reading the manuscript of  The Ultimate Love Story.  Facile style, lucid expression
that could treateven a mythical/spiritual/
historical theme."
Pravin Sheth, Ph. D.




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The Ultimate Love Story
is an imaginary tale inspired by ancient truths. 

It is a dramatic narrative rife with action, dialogues, and events covering fascinating journeys and extreme trials of Isa
and Mary Magdalene.

Their love manifests the essential connection of the
Soul with the Source. 
In the process
they become the beacon of Ultimate Love. 

The novel’s trajectory crisscrosses various traditions of the world, ranging from the ancient Indian and Buddhist to Platonic, Pythagorean, and some more.  It is a dramatic novel with philosophical underpinnings. 

Not claiming historical accuracy
the novel echoes the old adage,
“Fiction is truer than fact.”


After reading The Ultimate Love Story, for the first time,
I felt that Jesus was a real historical personage.  Jay Clark’s
novel takes the reader on a journey into an intimate and
highly personal world of love, consciousness and devotion. 
 A world where the lives of these important historical
figures are clothed with new meaning and purpose set on a
rainbow background of multicultural existence.
-D. Mikles, MD

...This book is a refreshing "spiritual adventure" story...
It is a combination of magical journey, surprising romance,
and tour of the esoteric, all in one.
John Dore, Ph.D.



Jay Clark has taught World Literatures and Religions as a specialist in multicultural studies.  Doctoral work in Middle Eastern and South Asian studies reinforced Clark's interest in the subject of this novel.  The author has been associated with major universities in the US, UK and India.

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